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About Me

Miri Choi



Hello to the rest of the world! I’m Miri from Korea. I used to be a Korean instructor when I lived in San Diego, USA. Since 2010, I’ve been studying linguistics and teaching Korean. Usually, you’ll find me writing blog posts about everything I love, from cognitive linguistics to communication strategies.



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Why Organic Korean?

I would like to be a Korean language coach, not just a teacher. I always do my best to make my class ‘organic.’ I mean, I’ve created my class using authentic materials – TV shows, news programs, dramas, songs, articles, documentaries etc. I love this kind of situation, that my students feel pain in the jaw as they are so talkative in my Korean class! (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not that mean :D) I cannot bear letting my class become boring and lacking in communicative activity.

Okay, let me show you real Korean, and real communication!




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Location : Seoul, Korea