Fighting?! Top 12 Words of Encouragement in Korean

Fighting?! Top 12 Words of Encouragement in Korean


If you’re a fan of Korean dramas or TV shows, then you must have heard 파이팅! (Fighting!) in a variety situations. I’ve been asked a lot about this expression, which might seem weird or even funny to English speakers.

Today, I’m here to give you the most common cheering phrases, which you can shout to your family, friend or even favorite stars.

Okay, let’s start with “Fighting.”


① Go!

파이팅! [paiting]

As you’ve probably already noticed, it’s apparently a word borrowed from the English word “fighting.” But it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is actually engaging in a “fight.” Rather, it’s a Konglish word. You can think of it as a word of encouragement or support to not give up. It can be translated into English as “Go [someone’s name]!”

대한민국 파이팅! [dehanminguk paiting]

Go, Korea!

FYI, because Korean doesn’t have the [f] sound, 화이팅 [hwaiting] is sometimes used instead. Keep in mind, however, that 파이팅 is correct, according to the official rules of loanword orthography (외래어 표기법).

Sometimes, 파이팅 is preceded by 아자 [aja], just to get pumped up. It’s often accompanied with enthusiastic fist-waving.

아자 아자 파이팅! [aja aja paiting]

Go go!


From 00:40 of the video clip, you can see how V of BTS uses 파이팅.

파이팅! 아미 파이팅! 사랑해요! [paiting ami paiting sarangheyo]

Let’s go! Go, ARMY! I love you!


It’s okay / It’s all right

casual: 괜찮아 [gwenchana]

polite: 괜찮아요 [gwenchanayo]

When you see someone who is depressed, you can ask 괜찮아?, which means “Are you okay/ Are you all right?” You can answer by saying 괜찮아, with the pitch down. Also, when you want to comfort someone and let them know they’ll be okay, you can say 괜찮아.


③ Cheer up! / Hang in there

casual: 힘내 [himne]

polite: 힘내세요 [himneseyo]

+ Cheer up! I’m here for you

casual: 힘내! 내가 있잖아 [himne nega itjana]

polite: 힘내세요! 제가 있잖아요 [himneseyo jega itjanayo]


④ I’ll support you

casual: 응원할게 [eung-weonhalge]

polite: 응원할게요 [eung-weonhalgeyo]

+ I’ll always support you

casual: 항상 응원할게 [hangsang eung-weonhalge]

polite: 항상 응원할게요 [hangsang eung-weonhalgeyo]


⑤ You can do it

casual: 할 수 있어 [hal su isseo]

polite: 할 수 있어요 [hal su isseoyo]


⑥ Don’t give up

casual: 포기하지마 [pogihajima]

polite: 포기하지 마세요 [pogihaji maseyo]


⑦ Everything is going to be fine

casual: 다 잘 될 거야 [da jal dwel geoya]

polite: 다 잘 될 거예요 [da jal dwel geoyeyo]


⑧ I hope everything goes well

casual: 모든 일이 잘 되길 바랄게 [modeun iri jal dwegil baralge]

polite 모든 일이 잘 되길 바랄게요 [modeun iri jal dwegil baralgeyo]


⑨ Don’t worry

casual: 걱정하지 마 [geokjeonghaji ma]

polite: 걱정하지 마세요  [geokjeonghaji maseyo]


⑩ I’m proud of you

casual: 자랑스러워 [jarangseureoweo]

polite: 자랑스러워요 [jarangseureoweoyo]


⑪ You nailed it

casual: 잘했어 [jalhesseo]

polite: 잘했어요 [jalhesseoyo]


⑫ I hope your dreams come true

casual: 꿈을 이루길 바랄게 [ggumeul irugil baralge]

polite: 꿈을 이루길 바랄게요 [ggumeul irugil baralgeyo]


Word List   
대한민국 [dehanminguk]Republic of Korea아미 [ami]ARMY, BTS fanclub
사랑하다 [saranghada]to love괜찮다 [gwenchanta]okay
힘내다 [himneda]to cheer up, keep up effort내 [ne]I (informal)
가 [ga](vowel +) subject marker제 [je]I (formal)
응원하다 [eung-weonhada]to cheer for, support항상 [hangsang]always
할 수 있다 [hal su itta]can do, be able to포기하다 [pogihada]to give up
다 [da]all, everything잘 되다 [jal dweda]to go well, work well
모든 [modeun]every일 [il]work, occasion
이 [i](consonant +) subject marker바라다 [barada]to hope, wish
걱정하다 [geokjeonghada]to worry자랑스럽다 [jarangseureobda]to be proud
잘하다 [jalhada]to do something well, be good at something꿈 [ggum]dream
을 [eul](consonant +) object marker이루다 [iruda]to achieve



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